Patriotic Ties

Wear Patriotic Ties With Pride

If your patriotism extends from sea to shining sea, stock up on patriotic ties. They show off your passion for all things Stars and Stripes, and they serve as great conversation starters. You'll want to wear one to work, civic events, religious services and any time you choose to express your loyalty to the red, white and blue.

All the ties we sell are made from quality materials, and many are handmade. Follow the care directions on the ties to ensure they last a long time as you celebrate your country loyalty and show off your enthusiastic patriotism for any occasion. 

American Flag Ties

In addition to a varied selection of colorful and decorative American flag ties, choose from patriotic ties that celebrate your Texas state pride or your Republican or Democrat affiliation. The All About the Benjamins, Historical America and Statue of Liberty ties also support your patriotism.

International Patriotic Ties

We haven't forgotten our international friends, either. Ties adorned with the Canadian maple leaf, United Kingdom's Union Jack and international flags prominently show off your pride for your country, and these patriotic ties make unique gifts for international friends, family members and coworkers.