Clip On Ties

Save Time and Look Good With Clip On Ties

When you're running late for work, a date or a meeting, you don't have time to mess with tying your complicated traditional tie. You need to save time and effort. Clip on ties are the solution. Even if you know the difference between a Windsor and a Kent knot, these essential wardrobe accessories ensure you always look good, and they help you get out the door quickly.

Pre-Tied Ties for Every Occasion

Work, social and formal occasions require you to dress up, and pre-tied ties help you do just that. Make a good impression and feel confident with a tie that features a neat and tidy knot and matches your outfit. No matter what activities your day brings, you're ready with pre-tied ties.

Clip-On Ties for Every Wearer

It doesn't matter if you wear a tie as you meet with high-power executives, teach school, go to job interviews or participate in school events. We sell clip-on ties for everyone. From our selection of adult ties to numerous boys clip on ties, find a style, design and color that matches your wardrobe, meets your needs and helps you look great every day.