Top 7 Reasons To Wear A Bow Tie


Do you want to try a bow tie but don’t know if it is going to be a good idea? In order to make this decision easier for you, below are 7 solid reasons to put on a bow tie rather than a neck tie.

Easier to tie

If you search Google for the term “how to tie a bow tie”, the search engine will return over 42,700,000 results. In many ways, a bow tie is a lot easier to tie than a regular neck tie. If you know the size of your neck, you won’t need to untie the tie again provided the tie is too long or short.

They don't have to look perfect

Bow ties, generally, look a bit asymmetrical or lopsided. An imperfect tie looks as if you took the time to tie it on your own.

Have a variety of ties in your wardrobe

If you have a variety of ties in your wardrobe, that is great. Bow ties are associated with independence while they don’t make you break the parameters of formal or work attire. As a matter of fact, bow ties improve your style and the appearance of your outfit.

They Improve your IQ

If you look at the list of people who worn bow ties in the past, you will come to know that most of them were brilliant academics, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, writers and political leaders. Maybe they put on bow ties because these ties improved their IQ.

Bow Ties are back in fashion

Nowadays, bow ties are back in fashion. If you pay a visit to the main men’s retailers, you will see that all of them have a big stock of bow ties. So, the trend nowadays is to wear bow ties.

Women tend to dig bow ties :)

Girls tend to like guys who wear bow ties. All you have to do is choose the right tie that suits your face and put it on with the right outfit. Women like guys who are dressed up nice.

They don’t get in the way

Bow ties, being small, don’t get caught in office shredders, car doors, fax machines, or subway doors. In the same way, they don’t tend to blow up in the face when the wind is blowing hard.

So, these 7 reasons are enough to convince you that bow ties are in fashion and you should give a go to one today. They make your personality more impressive.