The History Of Striped Neckties


For today’s businessmen, striped neckties are ideal because they look great with formal outfits. Vertical and horizontal stripes create a great impression. Let us take a look at the history of striped neckties.

First of all, the first users of striped neckties were British military regiments (World War I), and those soldiers wore striped neckties of various widths and colors based on their regiments. Then these ties became popular among country clubs and English schools.

A long time ago in 1880, historians tell us that the rowing team of the Exeter College replaced their school-colored ribbons with neckties. But historians are not sure whether this was the first time neckties were used.

As with other traditions in the USA, the trend of wearing neckties started to gain popularity. However, this fashion continued to grow with distinct differences. Wearing a certain pattern or color was not important, and the diagonal direction was also reversed. So, the fashion industry had two types of stripes: the American stripe and the European stripe. Some US companies had their own colors, but the fashion industry of the US didn’t adopt it.

Another important thing to note is that the organizations members that put on neckties had a special meaning of the colors worn by regimental ties. Most of the color patterns were taken from that time’s banners and flags, and each color might have been chosen to pay tribute to something in the group’s history. For instance, the red color may have represented the blood of those who lost their lives for a good cause.

By the end of the 20th century, the use of striped ties gone up, and they were available in almost every color or color combination. With the passage of time, neckties with varying spacing, width and stripes orientation became available, and every retailer has them in the here and now.

So, this was a brief look at the history of the striped ties. Nowadays, these ties are very popular among people of all ages, and that is why these ties can be seen in every cloth stores nowadays. If you have not tired a necktie before, we recommend that you try one today. You can find one according to your choice on the market. The great thing about striped neckties is that they are not expensive. They won’t get your pockets emptied if you choose to make the decision to buy them. Hope this helps.