How to Match Dress Socks


Yes, your dress socks can make a difference in your wardrobe. While not as visible as your tie or jacket, your dress socks should be fashionable and trendy. Here are a couple helpful tips to help match any type of sock pair – from the dressy, casual socks to the cool and colorful socks.

Tip #1: Never, ever wear white socks outside of the gym.

Without question, this is one of the most violated rules of fashion – the wearing of white socks outside of sporting events or gym time. The worst, however, is when a man wears a perfectly nice business outfit (business professional or business casual) and then sits down and voila! Peeking over his decent-enough shoes are a pair of white socks. Don’t do it!

Tip #2: Wear dress socks with dress shoes…always!

You probably already know this: a pair of decent dress shoes requires at least fifty bucks. Sometimes, you are able to find a real bargain… but not often. Don’t cheapen your investment by wearing athletic socks – no matter what their color.

Dress socks are distinctly different in both look and feel from athletic socks. Athletic socks are generally thicker, as the material is often bulkier and heavier. The easiest way to see and feel the difference is by simply touching them with your fingers. Dress socks will be smooth and thin, while athletic socks are thick and bulky. Also, most times dress socks are packaged in a band or box as opposed to a plastic-type of packaging.

The feel of your foot inside a pair of dress shoes is remarkably different when wearing dress socks. You’ll have much more room for your feet and it will be much easier to slip on your shoes.

Tip #3: Match your socks with your pants, not your shoes.

The color of your dress socks should match the color of your pants. Brown socks go with brown pants, black socks go with black pants, and colored socks go nicely with blue and grey pants. You may want to try on a couple pairs before deciding which ones to wear. If in doubt, darker colored socks generally work better.

Matching your socks with your pants creates a more uniform, classy look. For example, when you sit down in nice pair of black pants and your dark socks match your pant shade, your look is more fluid and professional than wearing a lighter-shade sock.