How to Fold Dress Socks


Most people fold (or roll) socks the same way, every time – match them up, side by side and hold the elastic bands while forcing the insides of the sock in them. While certain a quick and easy method, it can stretch them out. This is especially true with dress socks, which are made up on a much thinner, more delicate material. This material can easy bunch up or wrinkle, which is certainly not the look you’re going for when wearing nice dress socks with a great suit.

Instead, simply fold one sock directly over another in halves or in thirds. If closet space is something you’re trying to conserve, you can get a nice sock box to organize your socks. There are also drawer organizers that contain a sock compartment, allowing you to neatly store your dress socks. You can also fold your socks in halves or thirds and roll them to conserve even more space. Below are three different methods, with instructions, that will both keep your dress socks looking nice and save space.

Here are three different methods:

  1. Turn a matching pair of socks right side facing out. Hold them next to each other, lining up the ends and fold the opening of one sock down about two inches down over, creating a cuff at the top. This method holds the socks securely together.
  2. Lay a pair of matching socks on a flat surface, one on top of another. Then fold the top of the socks over 1/3 of the way. Bring the bottom of the socks up one third. The result is a fold that resembles a tri-fold billfold. This method is great for standing the socks neatly in a drawer.
  3. Fold the socks in half and lay them neatly in color-coordinated piles or secure them together with rubber bands. While a simple method, it successfully maintains the look of the sock and also allows easier access to a specific color or shade that you are looking to match with the color of your pants.

Whether you choose to utilize on of the above methods or another, it is important that you do not utilize the elastic cuffs as the mechanism that holds the pair together. Doing so stretches out the elastic, both creating an unsightly appearance while shortening the life of the sock. Keeping your dress socks nice is simple and only requires a little more time and effort, which ultimately saves you both money and the hassle of having to buy new socks on a frequent basis.