​How to Buy the Right Tie for a Suit


Since there are so many styles, designs, colors and patterns of ties out there, choosing the right one for a suit is a tricky job. But we have tried to make it easier for you by giving a few expert tips. If you are looking for the best tie for your suit, especially a formal one, you will find these tips helpful.

1. Quality of fabric

Quality of fabric is of paramount importance when buying a necktie. Silk is a quality material for neckties because it is glossy and durable. Therefore, it will stand the test of time.

2. Length of tie

You have to choose a tie with the right length. It should not be too big or too small. That means if you are tall, choosing a long tie is a great idea. In the same if you are small, a small tie will look better on you. Try out different neckties and choose one that suits your build.

3. The Color of tie should match the Shirt or Suit

Color is another important factor to take into account after quality of fabric and length. The color of the tie should match the color of your suit. Therefore, knowing how to match its color with your suit is a must.

4. Plain White Shirts

If you are going to put on a plane white shirt, you can choose any colored tie. This is because a tie of any color matches well with a white shirt or suit.

5. Colored Shirts

Creating a contrast is the easiest way to match a tie with your dress shirts. As a matter of fact, if you have a dress shirt of dark color, you may want to choose a light colored neck tie. On the other hand, you should go for a dark colored neck tie if you are going to put on a light colored tie.

6. For checkered or stripped Dress Shirts

If you have a checkered or stripped dress shirt, we recommend that you choose a colored tie matching the dominant color of the checks or striped of the shirt. In the same way, you should coordinate the tie patter to the dress shirt.

Keep these 6 tips in mind when you are shopping for the right tie for your dress. Keep in mind a tie can make a good or bad impression. So, choose one by taking into account all the tips given above. This way you will most likely make the right selection.