How To Buy A Quality Necktie Online


Most people nowadays tend to buy online because it saves a lot of time, money and effort. This guide is about how to buy a quality necktie online.

There is no need to mention that we need to do our homework before buying anything, and the same is the true for neckties as well. Read on.

Width of the necktie

For most men, 3 ¼ inches necktie is ideal. But if you are thin, you can go for a tie with a width of 2 ¾ inches. But if you are not thin, you should buy a tie with a width of 3 ¼ inches. As a general rule, no matter what the body size, a 3.25 inches long tie is ideal. Actually, it is all about your personal taste.

Proper Length

Regular neckties are about 57 to 58 inches in length. On the other hand, extra long ties are between 62 to 64 inches in length. For short men, a shorter 57 inches long tie is ideal.

Teller men should purchase custom ties, or an extra large one. Shorter men can choose to tie a bigger knot like full- or half Windsor for using up extra length as required. You will want to check out our big and tall tie section for taller men.

Fabric & Construction

If you have ruler, you can easily calculate the width and length of a tie. Actually, the durability of a tie is based on the fabric and construction of the tie.

Top quality neckties are made from silk. Drape the tie over your left hand to see if the silk is cut on that bias. The sign of a tie that is cut properly is that it hangs straight. The silk texture also carries a lot of importance. Silk that tends to catch on your skin when you slide your hand over it means the tie is of low quality. The surface of the tie should be smooth and flexible.

Judging Quality of the tie

The most expensive hand-made neckties are designed by folding a piece of silk again and again on itself. The construction of the lining makes a tie good or bad. Fine ties are lined with pure wool; therefore, these ties are rather expensive and rare.

The “bar tack” also determines the quality of a necktie. Actually, it is a little horizontal stitch on the tie’s back where the wider end of the tie splits to make the tip, keeping the two sides of the tie together. If the seams on the outside of the tie are visible, this means the tie is of poor quality.

How To Buy A Necktie Online

By paying attention to these details which often can be seen through the product images, you can purchase a quality necktie online at a very reasonable price. You will notice that our images will show the beautiful quality of our ties and the product reviews speak for them selves. :)