How to Avoid Necktie Risks


Nowadays, men wear neckties as part of their dress code. Probably, not all men feel comfortable wearing a necktie. However, many of you may not be aware of the possible risks associated with wearing a tie. If worn properly, neckties will reduce the chances of problems and accidents. Below are easy guidelines to follow in order to avoid necktie risks.

Don’t make unnecessary moves when you are wearing a necktie. This is to prevent your tie from getting caught, especially when you are near escalators or elevators. Just stand on the elevator calmly until you get to the desired apartment.

Don’t tie your necktie overly tight. Doing so will cause you some grave health-related problems. For instance, if you are going to see an ophthalmologist, you should put on a loose necktie. This is because a tight necktie may boost intraocular pressure, yielding false readings. As a result, your exam results may be inaccurate.

According to researches, tight neckties can up the risk of glaucoma. This is because tight neckties can squeeze the veins in your neck, resulting in an increased blood pressure to your eyes. This can lead to many complication; if you continue to wear a tight tie, you will likely lose your eyesight. Even if you don’t get blind, this practice will have a very bad effect on your eyesight.

If you are feeling uncomfortable wearing the necktie, that means you need to lose it a bit. Do it even if the tie is not constricting the veins in your neck. An easy way to find out if your tie is tight or lose is to slip your finger between the knot of the tie and the collar. Now, if your finger doesn’t slip through, it means you need to loosen the tie a bit.

If you are in a medical care center, such as a hospital, don’t have a physical contact with the tie of the doctor. A tie looks like a very harmless thing, but it can make you fall badly. Moreover, a necktie is home for bacteria and your physical contact with the tie will let the bacteria affect you.

Long story short, if you want to avoid all the risks associated with neckties, you should follow each and every tip given in this article. Just keep in mind that wearing a tie will undoubtedly make your personality more graceful, but you should put it on with great care.