12 Necktie Facts You Did Not Know About


Neckties are important part of men’s accessories in the here and now. Neckties are available in different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns (striped ties). You may already have a lot of information about these ties, but this article throws some light on interesting facts about neckties. So, let us go ahead and read up on them.

  1. Back in 17th century, the English designed neck wear, which were so thick that even a sword couldn’t cut through them.
  2. There is a design difference between ties made in America and ones made in Britain. For the most part, American neck ties have stripes that run down from top right, while the British ties run down from top left to the bottom right.
  3. In order to design a high quality silk tie, more than 100 silkworm cocoons are required.
  4. Neckties are manufactured in several countries of the world, but Shengzhou has the honor of being the largest manufacturer of ties in the world. Shengzhou, as the name suggests, is a city in China.
  5. Another interesting fact is that a necktie collection is known as a grabatologist.
  6. The most expensive necktie in the history of the world was made by Satya Paul Design Studio. The interesting thing about the tie was that it had 150 g of gold and 271 diamonds; the cost of the tie was about $220,000.
  7. The official necktie of the Arizona (which is a US state) is the bolo tie.
  8. In the United States of America, each year, about $1 billion are spent on ties.
  9. If you are in Iran, you cannot sell neckties because this practice is against moral standards in there. However, you can put on one.
  10. Ties in the past were a lot different from the ties manufactured these days. In the past, neckties looked like a scarf, which was put on by Croatian soldiers. Those ties were known as cravat.
  11. As far as wearing the history’s first tie is concerned, then the history tells us it was the Shih Huang Ti, a Chinese emperor, who had the honor to put on a neck tie or something similar to it. It was 210 B.C.
  12. Today, you can purchase a tie that is so hard that it can save you from a bullet of 9 mm.

So, these were a few interesting facts as to neckties. Neckties are quite popular all over the world in the here and now. Therefore, their popularity is on the rise. Wearing a tie is fun!